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Getting a complete idea of the budget involved in moving helps in finding a cost efficient deal. The Lux moving and storage company help you achieve this with free moving quotes. All that you need to provide is your origin, your destination and contact email to get the pricing.

Our page is dedicated to helping customers like you and let you know details in a convenient manner. You can do your research and our company will readily let you know what we offer right here.

Easy Comparison

The advantage of getting a free moving quote makes it much easier to compare the pricing with other moving companies. You can do so with the convenience of your home as the required data can be gathered from the official company’s website. Getting multiple quotes at once has never been this easy and we are definitely sure,  what we offer is the best and lowest of them all.

Minimal Mandatory Details

No more telephone numbers. No more home addresses. We don’t collect tons of information simply to provide you a price quote for the moving service required. Just choose what you need to be delivered. It can be household goods, special items or industrial equipment. Provide the original destination and the new location to instantly get your quote.

Experience Freedom

Our moving company is reputable and one of the best known for quality customer service. We don’t store your mobile numbers to call you frequently and push you with aggressive marketing strategies. Our solutions and pricing are the best. We are sure you would want to do business with us once you explore the options available and realize that what we offer cannot be matched by anyone else in the industry.

Quality Solutions

We have the necessary tools and skilled manpower to do the job with ease. The quote provided will usually include all basic servicing unless you have some special requirements. Our motto is cheap yet high quality solutions at all times. The high quality service is offered at relatively unexpected pricing and all you need to do to know how much it will cost, is to give in your requirements to receive a pricing.


Besides providing best free moving quotes, you can comfortably choose us when you wish to hire the best moving company. An expert team offers exceptional reliability and we move your special belongings with utmost care. Our budget is affordable for all and we provide the best value added services to our every client.

Moving is a pretty daunting task for most individuals because it has multiple phases right from packing the items, loading them and safely unloading them in your new venue. But, did you know that you can get the job done with utmost comfort? Hiring reputed Lux moving and storage is the first and only step that you have to take. The professionals with years of expertise are fully capable of understanding your needs and will be with you all the way until you are fully set in your destined location. There are multiple reasons that can be cited to justify why you should go for a good service provider. With so many Florida moving companies around, it is not easy to make a choice instantly why is you have to check if they met a specific set of criteria before signing the contract. 


Experts suggest that you should go for professional movers because they are duly licensed to do the job and have been trained with every aspect of the task. A reputed company which is in existence for years will hire only people who have successfully completed relevant courses and have ample years of experience in moving. The method allows you to be a complete peace because when experts are working on a job that they know like the back of their hand, you don’t have to worry about anything else – especially damaged goods. Besides, there are legal firms in the state and country which license a service provider to work with clients only when they meet the quality guidelines set. It ensures that only high quality and dedicated people are licensed which in turn will provide you value for money as well as the much needed assurance.


Hiring Lux moving and storage company to handle your relocation process has a whole lot of benefits to it, with insurance being the foremost of them all. The company is fully insured for the job they do and each client will be under coverage when moving is in progress. If you are doubtful, you can always ask the customer care executives to show you a copy of the insurance. Any damage done in the process or any lost personal belongings will be covered. You will be paid for your loss either in cash or an equivalent of the item that got lost/ damaged while loading. Insurance is a handy tool which allows you to safeguard your investments such as a home theater, piano or an expensive couch. It can be obtained only when you hire a company to do the job for you.

Pricing is an important aspect and most consumers assume that it will be on the higher side to hire a service provider. As a matter of fact, this is a myth. You can get free long distance moving quotes for free before you sign their agreement. When you rent packing boxes individually, try to fill in the labor costs with friends and family and rent a truck to move, the cost and damage incurred in this split process will be relatively high than hiring  a moving company. Go for one and you won’t regret for doing so!