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Local and Long Distance Moving Services - Lux Moving and Storage West Palm

Local and Long Distance Moving Services

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Moving Services We Offer!


We can recommend our packing services as part of a full-service move. We will make sure you are ready to go before your moving day arrives.

Corporate Relocation

We can relocate your office in no time with our planned and coordinated commercial relocation services. Save valuable time and money when you move with Lux.


We offer professional warehouse spaces and other storage solutions for your residential and commercial needs, equipped with personal storage vaults security surveillance, and temp monitoring.

Residential Moving

Lux Moving and Storage provides residential moving services throughout West Palm Beach and surrounding cities, moving residents both locally and long distance.

Long Distance Moving Service

Lux Moving and Storage is a luxury long-distance moving service company with over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. We serve the west palm beach and its surrounding cities, and our services include luxurious local, long-distance, commercial and international moving services.

What is a long-distance move?

Long-distance moves differ from the common local moves which usually cover short distance and metro areas within the state. Long-distance moving covers the state lines and additionally across the countries. They are also referred to as an interstate or a state-to-state move.

Regardless of the distance, every move should possess a federal authority of the state abiding the laws and regulations. This includes the insurance requirements which are engraved to protect consumer goods in the course of long-distance moves.

This is where one would need to discern between long-distance moving companies from the fraudulent movers who do not hold any authenticity with their moving agency and try to make huge money or profit out of their moving agency.

What is the cost of moving?

With Lux moving and storage company, the long-distance quote is considered with multiple factors into account. Every quote is decided based on your move. We also assess the weight of the goods to be moved, the distance of the move and the services are requested. All these together helps us to determine the cost of the move.

You need to understand that long-distance moving services vary from state to state which is why it is needed to gather some relevant information to estimate the cost of the move.

Services we offer in long-distance moves:

  • Packing
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Storage
  • Residential Moving

Packing on a long-distance move would be the greatest hitch of all time. It is always considered a lighter factor when it comes to moving across states or countries, yet customers who handle more fragile items would definitely never overlook packaging services.

At lux moving and storage company, we would always consider our customer’s satisfaction as integrity to the services which we provide. Hence our packaging services include,

  • Full Packing
  • Partial Packing
  • Single Item Packing

With these packing services in mind, our professional packers make sure that every single item is packed safely at your place and in specialized boxes that are exclusively used during long-distance moves. We are considered the best north palm beach movers for the quality of service that we provide when it comes to packaging.

In case, if you have already packed most of your items to reduce the cost of packing, we still ensure the safety of the good that is to be moved and we would also help you with items that are yet to be packed. As we have come across customers who might find it difficult just to pack fragile items and we still manage to help them around.

Corporate Relocation:

Corporate relocation or commercial businesses that wanted to move long distances would always seek the help of long-distance movers. We being the best commercial long-distance moving company have always handled our clients with special concern and credibility.

We make sure to handle delicate pieces of equipment, sensitive files and documents in a very appropriate way that they may not get missed or damaged while moving long distances. Lux moving also ensures that commercial building’s belongings are packed in a very effective way and in the safest manner. Our professionals move things or goods in an effective moving truck to safely transmit commercial equipment.


The storage is another biggest concern of most clients or customers who move long distances. Especially when it comes to Florida long distance moves, people are so much worried about their goods and try to know how they are stored and contained.

At Lux moving and storage, we make sure that every single good of our customers or their organization is packed well and contained in a very secure container. The container that we use to store goods is engineered in such a way that they resist heat, cold and heavy damage. This may prevent goods from long-distance attacks or loss.

Residential Moving:

Residential long-distance moving is one of the major areas that cover our services. If you are planning to move to a new household at a different city far from where you stay, never be bothered you are still in control.

No matter what type of service you expect, whether you involve yourself completely or lay-off experience, Lux palm beach movers are around and can help you have a hassle-free shifting from the current city to your destined location.

From packing your goods and essentials safely from the current location to unloading them to the new location far from the city, we take the entire charge of what needs to be done. We never let our customers feel the risk of shifting long distances. We give them the ease of shifting and make moving a much easier task to achieve.

Never hesitate to ask us what else we offer. We assure the best service to our customers and make their moving a much lighter and stress-free process. We never compensate or compromise on the service that we provide our customers when it comes to long-distance move. Ring us for a professional, quality and hassle-free service for your long-distance move.

People Trust Lux Moving and Storage



This is a fantastic company. I was very pleased with their caring and attentiveness to my needs. They are very affordable and they were very quick in the service they provided I highly recommend them to anyone whom is planning to move. They went out of their way to address issues I had. They did the job flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly. We had moved before this is by far the best moving company out there. They can’t be compared to anyone else. I wasn’t disappointed and quite to the contrary was very pleased with all our interactions. I wouldn’t hesitate using this company again in the future.



I had such a great experience with this company! Everyone was extremely helpful and they made my moving as stress free as possible. They showed up right on time and delivered my stuff in a couple of days! They also reassembled and put everything back where I wanted it. I will be referring friends to this company and if I need to move again will definitely use their service! Great company !



Lux moving and storage gave me a quote over the phone I receive several other “they were not the lowest but it did make sense the way they took the inventory for my move .. The gentleman came in wrapped up my whole home for me and got me to Houston within one week.. what was really nice about working with Lux moving and storage was that anytime I had a question I call Dan and there is always someone there to help me these guys definitely are the movers for u!!

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